Tuesday, April 28, 2020

YTunes Shuffle With Steve Lava's Song Nuggets

Steve “Lava” Lavapies is an executive Producer and writer who has run a number of TV and digital shows with an emphasis on comedic reality shows.

These are the songs he brought to the show and and a few tidbits about the artsists:

COCTEAU TWINS---”Pale Clouded White” (1985)
The band took their name from the song “The Cocteau Twins” which was recorded by Johnny and the Self Abusers...eventually changing their name to Simple Minds.

THE BEATLES “Across The Universe” (1968)
John Lennon wrote this song after an argument with his first wife, Cynthia. He said “I was lying next to [her] in bed, and I was irritated....it drove me out of bed. I didn't want to write it, but I was slightly irritable and I went downstairs and I couldn't get to sleep until I'd put it on paper.”
This was the song that inspired Liam Gallagher from the band Oasis, to write songs.

X “Universal Corner” (1981)
Singer/bassist John Doe was also a successful actor and can be seen in movies like “Road House,” “Wyatt Earp,”and was a regular on the tv show “Roswell.”

DAVID BOWIE “Starman” (1972)
This song was influenced by “Over The Rainbow.” Lol Tolhurst of The Cure wrote in his memoir his vivid memory of watching Bowie performing this on television thinking “I knew he was singing...to me and everyone like me. It was a call to arms that put me on the path that that I would soon follow.”

RADIOHEAD “Exit Music (for a film)” (1997)

The song was written for the Baz Luhrman film “Romeo and Juliet” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Thom Yorke said he had a half formed song and then became totally obsessed with Johnny Cash's prison tapes.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

YTunes Shuffle with Bobbie Oliver's Fave5 Songs

Bobbie is orginally from Georgia, packed full of theatre nerd and overall comedy fan! You've seen her on TNN, The Style Network, as well as clubs like The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and performed for coporate events including NASA and USC. PLUS, she runs the TAO Comedy Studio in Los Angeles which is female and LGBT friendly, teaching classes, running mics and shows AND a yearly festival called Riot Grrl Laugh Festival.

This is the sound track to her life and a few "Nuggets" about each of the artists:

CHEECH AND CHONG “Earache My Eye” (1974)
Cheech does sing this song, except they lip-synch to the track during appearances. This is their only Top 10 hit.

BLONDIE “Call Me” (1980)
Stevie Nicks was the first choice to sing this but she declined the offer.

DE LA SOUL “The Magic Number” (1989)
This comes from the album “3 Feet High and Rising” which comes from Johnny Cash's track from “5 Feet High and Rising.” You can hear his voice in this song.

JANIS JOPLIN “Me And Bobby McGee” (1971)
This song was written by Kris Kristofferson. This was the song/cover that brought his career to the next level. In fact, everytime he sings he, he still thinks of Janis.
Janis left $1500 in her will for a funeral party. The Grateful Dead performed.

BIKINI KILL “Rebel Girl”(1992)
The band encouraged women to come to the front of the stage and handed out lyric sheets for them. Singer Kathleen Hanna would crowd surf to remove the male hecklers. Many of their shows, male concert-goers verbally or physically assaulted Kathleen.
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Friday, April 10, 2020

YTunes Shuffle With Guy Dark And His Fave5 Songs

GUY PAUL LARAVEE is a radio broadcaster and ROCKER! Host, Maggi Mayfield worked under Guy (Dark) Laravee in Appleton/Oshkosh, Wisconsin while he was the Operations Manager at the Cumulus cluster. He also happens to be a competitive ball room dancer.
These are the songs he brought to the show that have informed his life. Check out the episode here. But here are some more details about the songs and artists:

AEROSMITH “Dream On” (1973)
It took Steven Tyler six years to write this song. His bandmates helped complete it when their manager forced them all to live in a house together and write their first album. What helped was the famous “suitcase incident.” Steven found money in suitcase outside of where the band was staying. So he bought a keyboard with it. Gangsters eventually came looking for it and he continued to play dumb.

R.E.M. “Don't Go Back To Rockville” (1984)
This about a real girl the band knew at their school, University of Georgia. Her classmates obviously didn't want her to go back to Rockville, Maryland, her hometown.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN “Thunder Road” (1975)
Bruce's first car was a '57 Chevy with orange flames painted on the hood. Also, this is one of his favorite songs to perform at shows.

THE KILLERS “Read My Mind” (2006)
This started out as a song called “Little Angela” that sounded a lot like “Mrs. Robinson.” They were aiming for a “With Or Without You” vibe and Brandon Flowers got pissed because he felt like the band was telling him his lyrics weren't good enough. So they just kept jamming out to the old song until it morphed into this! Also, this is the band's favorite to perform on stage!

SAM SMITH “Stay With Me” (2014)
There was a lot of speculation that this song resembles the piano melody in Tom Petty's “I Won't Back Down.” Petty and co-writer Jeff Lynne were added to the publishing credit and given at 12.5% royalty on the song. No lawsuits!

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

YTunes Shuffle With Sandy Stec (And Mark Wallengren)

Sandy Stec is a comedian and radio host currently residing in San Francisco. She loves hikes and road trips and Christmas! Her episode was co-hosted alongside Maggi Mayfield with Los Angeles based radio talent Mark Wallengren.

The three have been co-workers for years and in this episode you hear lots of behind the scenes stuff in the radio industry and the songs that mean the most to your hosts.

Sandy Stec has worked with comedians like Kevin Hart, Chelsea Handler and Arsenio Hall and has performed regularly on Norwegian Cruise Lines. These are Sandy's #Fave5 and a little bit extra about the artist and song.

TIM MCGRAW “Humble And Kind” (2015)
The video for this song features a lot of footage from Oprah Winfrey's documentary “Belief.”
Tim McGraw is also a private pilot who owns a single-engine Cirrus SR22. His favorite “hobby” is flying”.

FLUX PAVILION & SNAILS “Cannonball” (2016)

Flux Pavilion is a label owner “Circus Records” and was asked by The Walt Disney Company to remix the Star Wars Rebels theme to draw attention to the series.

Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (1986)
They were going to use this song as the title album. Went through the entire photo shoot with a western theme, mine shaft, old west outfits. Then after a night at the strip club they realized they were taking themselves too seriously...and came up with “Slippery When Wet.” The eventual name for the album.

ABOVE & BEYOND “Happiness Amplified” (2018)
Above & Beyond produce a weekly radio show called “Group Therapy Radio.” The trio take turns hosting the two hour broadcast which you can get every Friday night on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook.

CHRIS STAPLETON “When The Stars Come Out” (2015)
He wrote this song with Dan Wilson, who is famous for Adele's hit “Someone Like You.”

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Friday, April 3, 2020

YTunes Shuffle With Lara Beitz's Fave 5 Songs

LARA BEITZ brilliant comedian known for her work on “Lights Out With David Spade,” and just her name on the Comedy Store wall!! These are the songs that have informed her life! and a little extra behind the music.

HATCHIE “Adored” (2018)

Hatchie is a family nickname. She started singing as a child, then later learned guitar, then bass, then piano, then clarinet.

LADY BRI “This Will Be The Day” (2018)

Lady Bri grew up in Cleveland and started singing to Whitney Houston in a toy karaoke set as a child.

EMINEM “Lose Yourself” (2002)

On the set of “8 Mile” Eminem had a trailer he could record songs for the movie during filming breaks. He had musicians built the beat around his vocals.

SARA EVANS “Born To Fly” (2000)

Sara is the eldest of seven kids. She sang in the family band on weekends. When she was 8, she got hit by a car right in front of their home. She spend several months in a wheelchair and continued singing to help pay for her medical bills.

INDIGO GIRLS “Closer To Fine” (1989)

The girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers write separately. Emily wrote this while she was feeling philosophical at her family's cabin in Vermont.

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