Monday, May 28, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Nuggets Episode 61: Maureen Davis

Maureen Davis is a foundational cornerstone of the LA Rockabilly scene. She is the front person/singer/songwriter for Maureen Davis and The Mercury 5. She is a fashion icon and teachers at The School of Rock. Here are the YTunes Nuggets on the original #Fave5 she submitted, although these were not what she played on the episode.

She got arrested in  Miami airport for having marijuana on her. The headlines read "Walk On High"  (This recording has 2 grand pianos...this was the first time this was ever done)

BLACK KEYS-Psychotic Girl
Their music has appeared in several advertisements, but the group is picky about which companies use their music. Early on, the band was offered a 6-digit sum to use their songs in an English mayo commercial. They said no because they didn't want to alienate their fan base. They are also Obama supporters and have played benefit shows for his 2008 campaign.

BUDDIE & JULIE MILLER-You Make My Heart Beat Fast
Buddie Miller has worked with the likes of Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and Lee Ann Womack and was the producer for the show Nashville. The duo has two recorded albums together, but regularly make appearances on each other's solo projects.

Their songs are heard on Lifetime Channel and Comedy Central. Their co producer, Scotty Lund, has worked with the likes of Black eyed peas, rihanna, drake). So they are in good hands!

Her father was a broadway singer, Carousel, Oklahoma!, and her mother is an accomplished pianist/singer, Marge Goddard. The best advice her dad gave her: Make every night, opening night.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets: Episode 59 Maddison Bullock

Maddison Bullock is a highly trained athlete (figure skater) as well as a well regarded actress and now film producer! She spent time on the show sharing her #Fave5 songs and how her life led her to making her biggest project "ICE: The Movie" out on Amazon now.

OASIS "Wonderwall"

The general consensus is that this song is about Noel Gallagher's then-girlfriend Meg Mathews, who is compared with a schoolboy's wall to which posters of footballers and Pop stars are attached. He told Select magazine at the time: "It's about my girlfriend. She was out of work, and that, a bit down on her luck, so it's just saying, 'Cheer up and f---in get on with it.'" Noel later married then divorced Meg Mathews. However, according to Q magazines 1001 Best Songs Ever, this was not about Mathews. Noel is quoted as saying, "The meaning of that song was taken away from me by the media who jumped on it. And how do you tell your Mrs. it's not about her once she's read it is? It's about an imaginary friend who's going to come and save you from yourself."
The music is based on Wonderwall Music, an instrumental album George Harrison wrote for the movie Wonderwall in 1968. This was the first solo album released by any of The Beatles.


Finished school in Alhambra CA. Also wrote four songs as part of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band! When Loggins experienced health problems in 1982, he was referred to Julia Cooper, a colon therapist. They felt an immediate connection. They were both married, but were both unhappy in their relationships. Loggins then had one child, and his wife was pregnant with their second. Their relationship was limited to a close friendship for many years. Near the end of the 1980s, Loggins separated from his wife, Eva, at nearly the same time Julia left her husband, and they began a deeper relationship. They were married in 92

A TEENS "Upside Down"

Upside down was the groups first original song. An ABBA cover band, this Swedish band was a world wide success and up for awards like Billboard newcomer artist of the year against Blink 182 and Christina Aguilera. One song “Dancing Queen” They made the video after the story of Breakfast Club.

THE GLITCH MOB "Fortune Days"

 An electro band from Los Angeles...the way they found “the largest audience of any LA band” according to La weekley, was by performing live...a lot.


The band came up with the name as an anagram from other words. No one but the band knows what it stands for. Not even their families. And now they won’t ever say because it’s been built up for so long that anything they say at this point will be a let down.

Maddison Bullock is continuing to work on several projects including two movies and writing a book. Keep up with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.