Monday, July 15, 2019

Margo Bateman YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets

MARGO BATEMAN is a Philadelphia born and raised woman who moved to Los Angeles after both of her parents passed away really young. She tells the story of going to Catholic School, getting her heart broken, and the best road trip adventure...EVER!
Maggi Mayfield, Margo Bateman, David Earl Waterman
These are the Fave5 songs that Margo brought to the show. Loved 'em and want to know more about em? Here are a few nuggets about the artists' and their music.

Changed The Locks---Lucinda Williams
Lucinda was born with a condition called Spina Bifida...some are paralyzed by it. Lucinda finds that its difficult to stand for long periods of time. John Mellencamp and Hank Williams also have the condition.
Her favorite place to write is in the kitchen. Allegedly, if you go to her house, there are decades worth of ideas and notes and lyrics on her kitchen table. SHe says “when you go to someone’s house, you always wind up in the kitchen. That’s where I feel  most comfortable.’ She does her best writing in the morning and makes her tea or coffee and just sits and writes.

Theresa’s Sound World---Sonic Youth

Each member has a solo or side project. In 1985, they created a separate band called Ciccone Youth to glorify their love for Madonna. Ciccone is Madonna’s surname. They released one album, The Whitney Album, but never toured.

The Joker---Steve Miller Band
THis song was written by accident on the hood of his car under the stars at a party just north of San Francisco. He played this little riff, and just out came the chorus, “I’m a joker, im a smoker, I’m a midnight toker.” THen the rest of it was just lines from previous songs, “SOme call me a SPace Cowboy, some call me the gangster of love. Some call me Maurice…and the pompetous of love.” All the titles and lines from other songs he previously wrote.

Party Police---Alvvays
Their first album, self-titled, Alvvays, debuted in 2014 and went number one on the US College Charts. Who knew that was a chart!

Elton John---Philidelphia Freedom

Elton was one of the first white performers on the show “Soul Train” in 1976 and performed this and “Bennie and The Jets” on the show.

Monday, July 8, 2019

YTunes Shuffle Doug Burch's Song Nuggets

Doug Burch is a voice over actor and actor have graced projects like Massacre on Aisle 12, The Grinch, Sing!, and Finding Dory. He was born into a military family, traveling the world at a young age before his parents settled down in Central Texas. Through his music, we learn about ALL of his art, staining glass, theater, and how his kids introduce him to new music.

Here are the songs of his life: 

JANIS JOPLIN---Piece Of My Heart

The Van Morrison producer, Bert Berns wrote this song…and Aretha Franklin’s little sister Erma sang the original. Janis’ is a cover.


This song was selected for the US National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.”


It is called take 5 because it’s time signature is 5/4…as opposed to the usual 4/4 in jazz. Plus, Brubeck used a different time signature for each track.  You hear this in movies like “Mighty Aphrodite”, “Pleasantville” and “Constantine”

MORT SHUMAN---Port of Amsterdam

Mort is most famous for writing “Viva Las Vegas” “A teenager in Love” “This Magic Moment”

PHIL OCHS---When I’m Gone

Phil Ochs is a political and parody songwriter. Bob Dylan once said of him “I just can’t keep up with Phil. And he just keeps getting better and better and better” One time Ochs was criticizing Dylan's song “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window"….Dylan threw Ochs out of his limo and said “You’re not a folksinger. You’re a journalist.”