Sunday, January 13, 2019

Episode 76: Lawrence Rengert YTunes Song Nuggets

Lawrence Rengert started his movie making career at UCLA as an art student. After directing and filming over 40 films, he made a drastic career change and started making music. You can find his most recent band, Chasing Rainbows on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are his #Fave5 songs:

Xanadu by Olivia Newton John

Dark Globe by Syd Barrett

Flutes Of Chi by Ween

Rise by Edder Vedder from the Into The Wild Soundtrack

The Night We Called It A Day by Bob Dylan

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Episode 75: Jack Gogreve YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets

Jack Gogreve is a New Orleans born and raised actor who moved to Los Angeles with his high school sweet heart and found his true calling, Props, coaching and parenthood. Jack saved his own life from type 2 diabetes with a whole food plant based diet and works to help others as well!

Here are the Fave5 songs he brought to the show and the YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets to go with them:

Andrew Paul Woodwotth “Pleasure To Meet You”

Andrew was the first on the roster of Jeff Ayeroff and Jordan Harris' project “The Work Group” under Sony in 1995....Andrew brought with him his band, Elephant Ride, which includes legendary bassist, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

JOHNNY CASH “I Hung My Head”

Barry Gibb from The Bee Gees bought the house in Tennesse that Cash lived in from 1968 until his death. In 2007, while the home was being renovated for Gibb, it caught fire and burned to the ground.
While Cash was in the air force, Johnny Cash was employed as a code breaker based in Germany...his job was to intercept Morse Code transmissions from Russia. He was the first American to learn of Joseph Stalin's death when he intercepted a message about the Soviet's leader's demise on March 5, 1953.

DAVID BOWIE “Moonage Daydream"
This song was written for a man named, Fred Burrett, who Bowie met in The Sombrero gay bar. Bowie decided to take the young fashion designer under his wing and groom him for stardom. Fred changed his name to Freddie Burretti and is credited as a vocalist on the track, however, any contribution he made never actually made it into the song.

ERIC CLAPTON “Forever Man”
This came off the “Behind The Sun” album, and this was one of the last tracks added. The label said “more upbeat stuff please,” so we got “Forever Man.” However, during the writing of this album, Clapton's marriage to Pattie was in bad shape. This is a positive song affirming his love, but the rest of the album is filled with much more doubt including “Just Like A Prisoner” and “She's Waiting For Another Lover.”

SEU JORGE “Carolina”

Seu cites Stevie Wonder as a major musical influence. You may have seen him before in the 2004 Wes Anderson film, “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”

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