Monday, November 4, 2019

Dia Morgan Fave 5 YTunes Shuffle Nuggets

Dia Morgan is a Chicago native, Florida-trained creative person now making her way through the beginning stages of being a pop starin Los Angeles. She has graced many comedy stages before channeling her energy into writing and collaborating in music studios. Here are her Fave5 songs and a few nuggets about each!

Dia Morgan---I Can Make It Rain In Malibu
Dia explains this song in our episode about working in Malibu and doing a rain dance...and eventually it REALLY rains in Malibu. A phenomenon that rarely happens in the California coastal town.

Glee Girls---”Halo/Walking On Sunshine”
This song comes in Season One Episode Six of the hit tv show, Glee. This is the first released mash-up performed on the show and the first time the girls of the group sing together.

Kelly Clarkson—Since You've Been Gone
This was originally written as an indie rock hit. Then when the big chorus was written, the new pop song was offered to Pink who turned it down, then Hilary Duff, who couldn't hit the high notes. Producers had to be convinced Kelly could do it. And she nailed it! Won a Grammy for it!

Mika-Big Girl, You Are Beautiful
This song was written at 2am when Mika was watching a documentary about fat people in the US. He was learning about a place called “The Butterfly Lounge” where only larger women were allowed in. Mika says “the women were amazing and I absolutely felt as if I had to write about them.” He muted the tv and got busy working. This is one of his favorite songs to perform live.

Myylo “I Can't Help But Look”
Myylo is an LGBTQIA+ icon and works in both California and Nashville. He's been in the same writing session with Mike Posner and Baby Face, and is a good friend and confident to our guest, Dia Morgan!

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