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Episode 73: YTunes Shuffle Nuggets Ft. Michael J. Knight's Fave5

Michael J Knight was a disk jockey in Cortland at WSUC and later at WHEN in Syracuse, NY before landing at United Stations radio network in NYC. Michael is a life long musician and current television producer. Michael went to broadcasting school with host, David Earl Waterman and this episode was a particularly fun walk down memory lane. These are the #Fave5 songs he brought with him and some more details about each artist/song!

THREE DOG NIGHT “Joy To The World”

So many theories about that famous opening line including a biblical reference. However, the writer Hoyt Axton, said, it was a placeholder until he could write a proper verse. He had been sitting on the chorus for three months. “It was meaningless. It was a temporary lyric. Before I could rewrite it, they cut it and it was a hit.”


Written by Mick Jagger...but it was Keith Richards who fought to keep it an uptempo rocker. Much to Jaggers objection, Richards played the guitar solo in this song.

THE CARS “Dangerous Type”

Ben Orr, bass player and singer, was in The Cleveland Sixties band and The Grasshoppers. They opened for the Beach Boys and were the house band for the TV show UpBeat. The first show the band The Cars performed....was at an air force base in New Hampshire on New Year's Eve 1977.


Originally Jefferson Airplane, the group's first gig was at the Matrix Club in San Francisco...which later became a showcase for new SF bands. Jefferson Airplane played the first ever gig at the now famous Fillmore West Auditorium.

CROWDED HOUSE “Don't Dream It's Over”

This song was used in commercials for the New Zealand Tourism Commission...where the band is from. Maggi's favorite cover of this song is Miley Cyrus during her backyard sessions video series with Ariana Grande.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Episode 72 Mike McGreevey Song Facts

Mike McGreevey is a child actor with the Disney Company turned television writer and producer, most notably for "Fame" and "The Waltons." Mike has so many wonderful stories about growing up as a child in the industry and what it was like having a famous father in the business as well. These are the #Fave5 songs he picked in order including a few nuggets about each artist or song.

FRANK SINATRA-You Make Me Feel So Young
Frank used to swim underwater laps at local pools and jogged "before it was fashionable" so he could build his lung power all to take those imperceptible breaths as he crooned.

Born in Santa Rosa, CA, she started out as an actress and pin-up girl AND THEN started her singing career, releasing 40 albums! Her last recording ever was a cover of "My Funny Valentine" for Burt Reynold's movie (Sharky's Machine).

BEACH BOYS-God Only Knows
The famous french horn on this song was played by Alan Robinson, who appeared on other famous soundtracks like Sound Of Music, and The Ten Commandments. He was called because he could play without sheet music. Brian Wilson sang him the horn line he had in mind, and Robinson played it by ear.

Song writer Dean Pitchford said this song was soooo hard to write. Took about a month. "The idea of fame is sucha pumped up, almost self-congratulatory notion, like, I'm going to be famous. It was very tricky to navgate and write something that still had energy and gosh-golly about it, without feeling too self-satisfied."
The background vocals that trail out "remember" was created by Luther Vandross and sang it with two other backup singers Vivian Cherry and Vicki Sue Robinson (Turn The Beat Around).

ROD STEWART-When You WIsh Upon A Star
Rod is an excellent soccer player and a big supporter of the Glasgow, Scotland football team, Celtic. He would kick a ball into the audience at many of his concerts.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 70: Max Fitelson Song Nuggets

Max Fitelson is a singer/songwriter/musician from the Seattle area who was heavily influenced by the music of the area and the movies of his generation. The lead for the band Max Fite band, here are some more nuggets about the artists and songs he brought in to share for his #Fave5

A particular line in this song inspired the name of the 1996 film "Feeling Minnesota," starring Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz. The line, "I am looking California, but feeling Minnesota" became one of the most memorable lyrics from the band. Chris Cornell wrote that when he looked in the mirror one day wearing his typical baseball cap and baggy shorts and realized he looked like a carefree beachgoer even though he didn't feel like one.

TOM PETTY "You Wreck Me"
This song was actually written as "You Rock Me" but the band thought it was dumb but liked the song anyway. So they recorded it and just lived with it, until Petty was like, nah, I'm gonna change that to "You Wreck Me," which gave the song an entirely new meaning.

A band name alias for the musician, Dallas Green. He was named after the MLB pitcher/manager/executiv, George Dallas Green from the Philadelphia Phillies. He's known for his incredible covers at live shows.

CHUCK BERRY "Johnny B. Goode"
This song was actually written about Chuck Berry's life. Except he wasn't from Louisianna, he is from St. Louis. And he COULD read and write. In fact, he graduated from beauty school with a degree in hairdressing and cosmetology!

This was the final recording Johnny Thunders did with a German rock band called "Die Toten Hosen." This was recorded only 36 hours before his death in New Orleans.

Max brought some incredible music to the show. Find out where he is playing next on his website!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets: Dustin David

Dustin David is a comedian, writer and performer from Maine. His #Fave5 songs narrate his life in completely unexpected ways including getting sober, living in Southern California, growing up in Maine, working with a burlesque troop and playing a game of cat-n-mouse with his  idol, Morrissey. You enjoyed the music he brought in: here are a few nuggets about each of the artists!

Because I Feel Things---Vuurwerk
From Detroit, they originally they called themselves Bears before they signed to the indie record label "Run For Cover Records," where they released a demo with three songs on it and then all they did was tour for the next three years. They got signed by "Triple Crown Records" and then finally released their first full length album in 2009.

Dom-Living In America
One guy, Dominic Cournoyer from Massachussetss. This song won "Song Of The Year" at the Boston Music Awards in 2010!

Pop That-French Montana
Karim Kharbouch was born in Morocco and immigrated to the Bronx with his family at 13 years old. He started creating a series of street-flavored DVDs. Essentially mini documentaries and released them under the name Young French. He did that for 8 years until Akon signed him to his label Konvict in 2009. Karim left that label after 2 years because of record release delays. He was then signed to Bad Boys Records and announced his new name....French Montana.


Bloc Party-The Prayer
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Lead singer Kele Okereke says he wrote this after watching the video for Busta Rhymes' song "Touch It." He said the he thought the beginning of Busta's song had a stamp pattern and that was a really great idea. So they toyed with it while recording their own record and wrote the song around it.

The Smiths-Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
This song was banned by the BBC because of one lyric "And the pain was enough to make a shy, bald Buddhist reflect and plan a mass murder." That was considered insensitive because this song was released not long after the Hungerford massacre, when a 27-year old Michael Ryan shot and killed 16 people in Berkshire, England. The Smiths didn't release this song in the UK.

Monday, August 20, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 68: Song Nuggets Of Zahra Ali's Fave5

Zahra Ali is a comedian/actress in Los Angeles  who runs a highly successful show called Facial Recognition Comedy  Here are extra nuggets on the Fave5 she brought to the show!

Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby
Mariah's mother is an opera singer and taught her how to sing. Mariah also demands to be photographed from only her right side...cause that's the "Good Side"

Biggie Smalls-Hypnotize
Biggie was a great student. He won several awards as an ENglish student at the Queen of All Saints Middle School in Brooklyn. His mother worked two jobs to raise him as a single mother and had no idea Biggie was selling drugs until he was an adult. He transferred high schools and attended with other future rappers, DMX, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes.

Backstreet Boys-I want it that way
The songwriters, Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson (also wrote for Britney Spears and N Sync) say that this song is proof that melody is so important. The lyrics don't make much sense but contain lots of simple rhymes to support the music "You are my fire, the one desire" "Aint nothing but a heartache, Aint nothin but a mistake" They tried rearranged the words, but still, it makes no sense. They blame this on Max Martin being a Swede and writing this song in his second language.

Sean Paul-Just Gimme The Light
Not surprisingly, this song is about marijuana. When he says "Gimme the light" he asking to pass the joint.

Green Day-Blvd Of Broken Dreams
The band wanted to stray from PUnk rock and finish the song with a more Beatles-esque vibe. Their producer was hearing them say "we want calliopes and circus music and craziness!" Producer Rob Cavallo was like, look, you're a rock band, let's just do that with guitars."

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YTunes Shuffle Episode 67: Adam Chester Song Nuggets

Adam Chester is a song writer, singer, pianist, author and most notably, Sir Elton John's surrogate. That means, Adam stands in for Elton to rehearse the band and sometimes, even helps Elton remember how to play some of his own songs. Through his Fave 5 we get a sense of how Adam came to be a successful musician and a family man.  Here are a few little extras, or Nuggets on the music he brought in to share.

Allan Sherman “My Zelda”
Allan is a Chicago born and raise comedy writer. This song, from the album “My Son, The Folk Singer” (1962) became the fastest-selling record up to that time. He went to University of Illinois (Maggi’s alma mater) and wrote for the Daily Illini. He never graduated because he was expelled for reaking into a campus sorority house with his then-girlfriend.

Elton John “Funeral For A Friend”
This was known as one of the first bathroom break songs on radio. It is 11 minutes long and wasn’t played very much on FM radio but still gained immense popularity.” Funeral For a Friend” is the instrumental section and transitions into “Love Lies Bleeding.” Not surprisingly, he wrote the music for this song after thinking about what he would want played at his funeral. In this episode, Adam talks about how Love Lies Bleeding is also the name of a flower! Check out the beautiful blossom here.

Adam Chester “8 Days And Nights”
A Ytunes Shuffle first and original!!!

Bee Gees “How Deep Is Your Love”
This was a big radio smash and broke a big record for the 70’s by staying #1 for 3 weeks and then stayed in the Top 10 for 17 weeks! The band was sued by a man named Ronald Selle, an antiques dealer in Illinois who wrote a song called “Let It End” claiming “How Deep Is Your Love” was based off of Selle’s song.  Selle’s song was never released, he just made a home recording that he had sent to publishers. The jury did convict The Bee Gees to copying Selle’s song based on similarities between songs,  but the judge nullified the verdict.

Truman Chester “Burn”
Truman Chester is the 14 year old son of our guest. This is an original recording not available (yet) for purchase or download. You can hear the song only on this episode of YTunes Shuffle.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 66: Brian Scolaro's Song Nuggets

This week's guest, Brian Scolaro, is a nationally touring comedian and television actor, recognizable from shows like Madmen, I'm Dying Up here, Girl Meets Word, Superior DOnuts, Conan, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and Dexter, to name a few. These are Brian's #Fave5 songs and a little extra 'nugget' for you to further enjoy the artists as well!

WALL OF VOODOO "Mexican Radio"
This songs joins the ranks of ZZ Top's "Heard It On The X" and The Doors' "The WASP Texas Radio and The Big Beat" because it was inspired by the unregulated AM stations from Mexico that would bleed into American stations. The video for this song got tons of airplay on MTV in 1981. At the time MTV didn't have many videos to choose from and even the record company didn't want them spending any money on the video...or even do one. Lead singer Stan Ridgeway said "we had to push to get that thing out there ourselves. So in spite of the record company, whatever success it had was really the band's and mine."

EXUBA- The Obeah Man
Tony McKay moved to NYC from the Bahamas at 17 years old to study architecture. Didn't finish that and instead found himself the front of a group called Tony McKay and the Islanders. In the 1960's, he found himself performing with the likes of Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, Jimi Hendrix, and Barbra Streisand.

PETER GABRIEL "Washing Of The Water"
Founder of early concerts, they had a bad PA system so it made it difficult to hear what Peter was singing. This drove Gabriel to find other ways to impress his personality on the hestarted wearing various costumes. Everything from a dress-wearing fox head (which you see on the cover of Foxtrot) to batwings, to a Flower to "Britannia" which looks like a trans roman warrior.

ELO "Mr. Bluesky"

VERA LYNN "We'll Meet Again"
This song is sentimental and optimistically written for the British troops during WWII. This song is directly cited in Pink Floyd's 1979 Vera, from their album "The Wall." This song was used on a compliation in 2009 to coincide with the 70-year anniversary of the declaration of WWII. Suddenly, Vera, at the age of 92, became the oldest living artist to make it to #1 on the album chart.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 64 Song Nuggets Ft. Monique Wyatt

Monique Wyatt is a creative writer and stand up comedian; add wife and super mom to that and you are about to meet amazing human being. Check out the soundtrack to her life and all the juicy nuggets that come with it:


This was supposed to be a duet with Prince. Producer Quincy Jones arranged a meeting with both superstars, and when Prince heard the song, he told Jones that it would be a hit without him. Turned down the project. Prince isn't exactly a fan on collaborations that he doesn't control...and appearing on Jackson's album would have been out of character for him.

TONY TERRY "When I'm With You"
Terry was featured in the movie Sisterella "co-produced by Michael Jackson. He also did a run on broadway as The Tin Man in The Wiz.

Beyonce chose to work with Kanye West (a frequent collaborator of her husband) after she heard his song "Runaway" which she admitted made her cry. "The fact that he's belting out his pain, his confusion, and his anger with no pre-written lyrics was so moving. He's singing his heart out for five minutes. He is so vulnerable. I love when an artist can be so honest." Also, her Destiny's Child co stars make an appearance in the music video!

As a teen, Alanis suffered from eating disorders. When she went to therapy to deal with these issues, she learned she had chronic depression and plagued by anxiety attacks, which happened when she was watching movies. She was prescribed medication, but never stayed on it, since she didn't like the way the pills make her feel. She opened for Vanilla Ice on his 1990 tour.

The song was sung by Jussie Smollett's character Jamal on the 7th episode of the third seaon in the scene where the Lyons were having dinner at Cookie's place with Angelo's family. It is dedicated to Jamal's mother, Cookie. Actually written by, Jussie Smollett.

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YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets Episode 63: Matt Brauning

Matt Brauning is an empowerment speaker, life coach and new author of "The Firebox Principle." He and host Maggi Mayfield are long time friends so you will hear one of these songs that is tribute to their drinkin' days! Matt is a big fan of the WWE, a 4 times successful entrepreneur, and a family man. These songs help tell the story of his life!

TOM PETTY "Making Some  Noise"
This was Tom Petty's first single! At first, that juicy guitar lick we hear (written by Heartbreaker Mike Campbell) was used only at the end of the song....making it a 7 minute song. Then, a singer on the same label, Dwight Twilley, came by when Petty was playing it and suggested they use it throughout the song. Petty liked the idea and called the band back to the studiointhe middle of the night to re-record it. The final version is 2:43 seconds long!

BIG & RICH "Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy"
This song made a big impact on the charts because it was featured in the advertisements for ESPN's coverage of the 2004 World Series Of Poker.
The shoot for the video of this song has a huge parade with dancers, marching bands, horses and friends like Gretchen WIlson and Cowboy caused over $23,000 in damage to Nashville's Shelby Street Bridge. John RIch, the son of a preacher, told Billboard magazine, "When your dad's a preacher, and you have a song on the radio called "Save a Horse Ride a Cowby" that makes for an interesting conversation."

JOHNNY CASH "I Walk The Line"
While performing this song on his TV show, Cash admitted that his eerie hum at the beginning of each verse was to get his pitch.

LIVING COLOR "Cult Of Personality"
Much of the success of this song is owed to MTV. In the book "I WANT MY MTV, it was claimed the Epic Records, who had both Living Colour and Michael Jackson on their roster, refused to release Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video to the network until they agree to put the "Cult of Personality" clip in heavy rotation."
You can also find a version of this in Guitar Hero 3.

TOM PETTY "Learning To Fly"
Not about drugs! Petty got the idea for it when he saw a pilot being interviewed on TV. The pilot said how it wasn't hard to fly...the hardest part was coming down.  THe song was informed by the political events at the time....mostly the Gulf War...and the band's dynamics.Into THe Great Wide Open was a Heartbreakers album, whereas the previous album, Full Moon Fever, was a solo album. He told Billboard, "I wanted that song to be kind of redemptive song, only in the vaguest way, certainly not literally."

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YTunes Shuffle Episode 62- Alex D'Lerma Song Nuggets

Alex D'Lerma just finished his press tour for his latest film he wrote and directed called "Fear, Love And Agoraphobia. The five songs he chose take us through growing up in a big family where he was the youngest of 6 kids, what it was like in a small agricultural town as a kid, facing racism, meeting his best friend in 1st grade and how he got started in the arts and what his journey has been like since.

These are five life defining songs for the filmmaker.

Fronted by sisters Megan and Lauren Sexton, from Ventura, CA. They call their style, sister friend folk band.

THE BEATLES "It's Getting Better"
The Sgt. Pepper album made pop history. It was the first album where the lyrics were printed on the back cover. And, the album was inspired by The BEACHBOYS "Pet Sounds"

BILLY JOEL "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"
Billy Joel has ranked this #1 on his list of top Billy Joel songs. Billy says this song was inspired by The Beatles, specifically Abbey Road, where a few unfinished tunes were put together to create one coherent peice.

Despite her American Nationality, she won Best British Female Solo Artist in 1982. She's had multiple top 5 hits in the UK but has never even entered the Hot 100 as a solo artist in the US.

VAN MORRISON "Someone Like You"
Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett was a big fan of Van Morrison. When she was dying of cancer and too sick to go to one of his shows, he taped it especially for her...and it was one of the last things she ever watched.

Keep up with Alex D'Lerma's work through his website.

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YTunes Shuffle Nuggets Episode 61: Maureen Davis

Maureen Davis is a foundational cornerstone of the LA Rockabilly scene. She is the front person/singer/songwriter for Maureen Davis and The Mercury 5. She is a fashion icon and teachers at The School of Rock. Here are the YTunes Nuggets on the original #Fave5 she submitted, although these were not what she played on the episode.

She got arrested in  Miami airport for having marijuana on her. The headlines read "Walk On High"  (This recording has 2 grand pianos...this was the first time this was ever done)

BLACK KEYS-Psychotic Girl
Their music has appeared in several advertisements, but the group is picky about which companies use their music. Early on, the band was offered a 6-digit sum to use their songs in an English mayo commercial. They said no because they didn't want to alienate their fan base. They are also Obama supporters and have played benefit shows for his 2008 campaign.

BUDDIE & JULIE MILLER-You Make My Heart Beat Fast
Buddie Miller has worked with the likes of Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and Lee Ann Womack and was the producer for the show Nashville. The duo has two recorded albums together, but regularly make appearances on each other's solo projects.

Their songs are heard on Lifetime Channel and Comedy Central. Their co producer, Scotty Lund, has worked with the likes of Black eyed peas, rihanna, drake). So they are in good hands!

Her father was a broadway singer, Carousel, Oklahoma!, and her mother is an accomplished pianist/singer, Marge Goddard. The best advice her dad gave her: Make every night, opening night.

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YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets: Episode 59 Maddison Bullock

Maddison Bullock is a highly trained athlete (figure skater) as well as a well regarded actress and now film producer! She spent time on the show sharing her #Fave5 songs and how her life led her to making her biggest project "ICE: The Movie" out on Amazon now.

OASIS "Wonderwall"

The general consensus is that this song is about Noel Gallagher's then-girlfriend Meg Mathews, who is compared with a schoolboy's wall to which posters of footballers and Pop stars are attached. He told Select magazine at the time: "It's about my girlfriend. She was out of work, and that, a bit down on her luck, so it's just saying, 'Cheer up and f---in get on with it.'" Noel later married then divorced Meg Mathews. However, according to Q magazines 1001 Best Songs Ever, this was not about Mathews. Noel is quoted as saying, "The meaning of that song was taken away from me by the media who jumped on it. And how do you tell your Mrs. it's not about her once she's read it is? It's about an imaginary friend who's going to come and save you from yourself."
The music is based on Wonderwall Music, an instrumental album George Harrison wrote for the movie Wonderwall in 1968. This was the first solo album released by any of The Beatles.


Finished school in Alhambra CA. Also wrote four songs as part of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band! When Loggins experienced health problems in 1982, he was referred to Julia Cooper, a colon therapist. They felt an immediate connection. They were both married, but were both unhappy in their relationships. Loggins then had one child, and his wife was pregnant with their second. Their relationship was limited to a close friendship for many years. Near the end of the 1980s, Loggins separated from his wife, Eva, at nearly the same time Julia left her husband, and they began a deeper relationship. They were married in 92

A TEENS "Upside Down"

Upside down was the groups first original song. An ABBA cover band, this Swedish band was a world wide success and up for awards like Billboard newcomer artist of the year against Blink 182 and Christina Aguilera. One song “Dancing Queen” They made the video after the story of Breakfast Club.

THE GLITCH MOB "Fortune Days"

 An electro band from Los Angeles...the way they found “the largest audience of any LA band” according to La weekley, was by performing live...a lot.


The band came up with the name as an anagram from other words. No one but the band knows what it stands for. Not even their families. And now they won’t ever say because it’s been built up for so long that anything they say at this point will be a let down.

Maddison Bullock is continuing to work on several projects including two movies and writing a book. Keep up with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Monday, April 23, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 58: Eban Schletter--Song Nuggets

Eban Schletter is a phenomenal musician who writes parody and comedy songs for television, commercials  (and his own amusement). He had quite a fun #Fave5 songs!

THE ADOLESCENTS “Kids Of The Black Hole”

The Adolescents are from So Cal...Fullerton! Adolescents was one of the first hardcore punk albums to be widely distributed throughout the United States and became one of the best-selling California hardcore albums of its time. The band never toured in support of it and broke up four months after it was released in 1981.

SPIKE JONES “Cocktails For Two”

Spike Jones was a radio smash recording classical songs as satyrical parodies. A railroad restaurant chef taught him how to use pots and pans, forks, knives and spoons as musical instruments. He played a lot in pit orchestras but became bored playing the same music each he started parodying standard songs with other musicians for their own enjoyment and recorded their weekly performances...which eventually led to Spike Jones and The City Slickers getting a recording contract with RCA.


Herctor turned his back on a career in medicine to follow his passion for music. He composed works that showcased the innovativeness and search for expression that were the hallmarks of Romanticism. He produced several operas, but had to rely on his writing job as a music critic to make ends meet..but found himself feeling artistically frustrated since he wasn't working on his own art. For an artist who defined the Romanticism period musically, he sure was lonely. His first marriage didn't last, his second wife passed away, and his only child died.

THE RESIDENTS “Whoopy Snorp”

These guys figured out technology early! They produced A LOT of music... 78 albums, 39 compilations, and 41 Singles/EPs.


From the musical Summer Magic, out of all the songs in the show, this was Richard Sherman's favorite.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 57: Harry Howard--Song Nuggets

Harry Howard is an up and coming super star actor: he is the host of a podcast "Podcrashers With Harry Howard" and the host of a talk show "Harry And Kelly" PLUS he runs the Global Voice Broadcasting studios where this episode was recorded.
Check out the juicy YTunes Nuggets on Harry's #Fave5 songs:

SCARFACE “Push It To The Limit”

Record producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte wrote this song...they have a lot of credits writing for Donna Summer, Blondie,  and Freddie Mercury, as well as Lil Wayne and Beyonce. This song is so prevelant in pop culture. You've probably seen/heard it in South Park, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Grand Theft Auto III, The Simpsons, American Dad and Stranger Things.

SKRILLEX “Weekends”

His real name is Sonny John Moore. Skrillex is a nickname he had for a while...but it doesn't mean anything. The first albums he ever bought were Marilyn Manson's “Antichrist Superstar” and Nine Inch Nails “Broken” He's a fashion icon. He was the originator of the haircut where you shave one side and leave the rest of it long. He's loved by a lot of pop culture musicians, including Ellie Goulding, Kanye, and Dave Grohl!


Australian based band, Hermitude's first EP “Imaginary Friends” was released only on vinyl in 2002. It sold out and has never been transferred to CD which now makes it a collectors item! They released their first album a year later.  This song was released in 2014 without radio or video servicing, yet within a few months, it had millions of plays! Same year, the duo toured North America for the first time.

AVICII “Lay Me Down”

Tim Bergling, from Stockholm, Sweden, taught himself how to create house music on a software he downloaded called The Fruity Loops software. He started using the moniker Avicii back when Myspace was a thing. In sanskrit, Avicii means “without  waves” but in buddihism, it also is the name for the lowest level in hell. His first gig, was a prom performing for 40 teenagers.

TITANIC “My Heart Will Go On”

James Cameron didn't want to have a theme song for Titanic, and Celine Dion didn't want to record it either. She did, in one take. Kate Winslet hates the song.

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YTunes Shuffle Episode 56: Fiona Goodwin--Song Nuggets

Fiona Goodwin is a internationally touring comedian and is currently working on her one woman show called "A Very British Lesbian." Learn more about the #Fave5 Fiona brought with her with the YTunes Nuggets:

1. The Wailin' Jennys "Calling All Angels"

The group was founded by accident in 2002 when a Winnipeg guitar shop, Sled Dog Music, brought Ruth Moody, Nicky Mehta and Cara Luft together for a joint performance. The show was so well received so the owner scheduled a follow up performance and suggest they go on tour and call themselves the "Wailin' Jennys."

2. Nina Simone "Ne Me Quitte Pas"

Nina says you can call her style of music gospel, blues, folk, or soul...just not jazz. She say "Jazz is a white term to define black people. My music is black classical music."

3. Sydney Bachet "Petite Fleur"

Sydney was known for his erratic temperament. Before he passed away, he dictated his autobiography "Treat It Gentle" to the record producer and radio host, Al Rose. Al and Sydney worked together many times in concert promotions...they had a very difficult relationship. Sydney's view of himself in the autobiography was different than what Al would report. In Al's book "I Remember Jazz: Six Decades Among The Great Jazzmen"---The kindly old gentleman in his book was filled with charity and compassion. The one I knew was self-centered, cold and capable of the most atrocious cruelty, especially toward women."

4. Missy Higgins "Where I Stood"

MIssy learned classical piano at the age of six and gave it up by the time she was 12 because she wanted to be a singer. She appeared in the school musical "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and became bored with piano and gave it up. She did pick up piano again, but started playing jazz. She found that as an introvert, it helped her cope with living at boarding school.

5. Ziv Zaifman "A Million Dreams" (From The Greatest Showman"

PT Barnum wrote one of AMerica's first celebrity autobiographies. He wrote many in fact. Then, in 1880, he pioneered the celebrity "how-to-get-rich" book called "The Art Of Money Getting," LONG before the very original DOnald Trump title "The Art Of The Deal." Barnum was a genius of hype, advertising, and self promotion. Everything he did has his face and his slogan "The Sun of the Amusement World From White ALl Lesser Luminaris Borrow Light."

Stay in touch with Fiona Goodwin on Facebook.