Sunday, June 24, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets Episode 63: Matt Brauning

Matt Brauning is an empowerment speaker, life coach and new author of "The Firebox Principle." He and host Maggi Mayfield are long time friends so you will hear one of these songs that is tribute to their drinkin' days! Matt is a big fan of the WWE, a 4 times successful entrepreneur, and a family man. These songs help tell the story of his life!

TOM PETTY "Making Some  Noise"
This was Tom Petty's first single! At first, that juicy guitar lick we hear (written by Heartbreaker Mike Campbell) was used only at the end of the song....making it a 7 minute song. Then, a singer on the same label, Dwight Twilley, came by when Petty was playing it and suggested they use it throughout the song. Petty liked the idea and called the band back to the studiointhe middle of the night to re-record it. The final version is 2:43 seconds long!

BIG & RICH "Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy"
This song made a big impact on the charts because it was featured in the advertisements for ESPN's coverage of the 2004 World Series Of Poker.
The shoot for the video of this song has a huge parade with dancers, marching bands, horses and friends like Gretchen WIlson and Cowboy caused over $23,000 in damage to Nashville's Shelby Street Bridge. John RIch, the son of a preacher, told Billboard magazine, "When your dad's a preacher, and you have a song on the radio called "Save a Horse Ride a Cowby" that makes for an interesting conversation."

JOHNNY CASH "I Walk The Line"
While performing this song on his TV show, Cash admitted that his eerie hum at the beginning of each verse was to get his pitch.

LIVING COLOR "Cult Of Personality"
Much of the success of this song is owed to MTV. In the book "I WANT MY MTV, it was claimed the Epic Records, who had both Living Colour and Michael Jackson on their roster, refused to release Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video to the network until they agree to put the "Cult of Personality" clip in heavy rotation."
You can also find a version of this in Guitar Hero 3.

TOM PETTY "Learning To Fly"
Not about drugs! Petty got the idea for it when he saw a pilot being interviewed on TV. The pilot said how it wasn't hard to fly...the hardest part was coming down.  THe song was informed by the political events at the time....mostly the Gulf War...and the band's dynamics.Into THe Great Wide Open was a Heartbreakers album, whereas the previous album, Full Moon Fever, was a solo album. He told Billboard, "I wanted that song to be kind of redemptive song, only in the vaguest way, certainly not literally."

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Monday, June 4, 2018

YTunes Shuffle Episode 62- Alex D'Lerma Song Nuggets

Alex D'Lerma just finished his press tour for his latest film he wrote and directed called "Fear, Love And Agoraphobia. The five songs he chose take us through growing up in a big family where he was the youngest of 6 kids, what it was like in a small agricultural town as a kid, facing racism, meeting his best friend in 1st grade and how he got started in the arts and what his journey has been like since.

These are five life defining songs for the filmmaker.

Fronted by sisters Megan and Lauren Sexton, from Ventura, CA. They call their style, sister friend folk band.

THE BEATLES "It's Getting Better"
The Sgt. Pepper album made pop history. It was the first album where the lyrics were printed on the back cover. And, the album was inspired by The BEACHBOYS "Pet Sounds"

BILLY JOEL "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"
Billy Joel has ranked this #1 on his list of top Billy Joel songs. Billy says this song was inspired by The Beatles, specifically Abbey Road, where a few unfinished tunes were put together to create one coherent peice.

Despite her American Nationality, she won Best British Female Solo Artist in 1982. She's had multiple top 5 hits in the UK but has never even entered the Hot 100 as a solo artist in the US.

VAN MORRISON "Someone Like You"
Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett was a big fan of Van Morrison. When she was dying of cancer and too sick to go to one of his shows, he taped it especially for her...and it was one of the last things she ever watched.

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