Monday, October 8, 2018

Episode 73: YTunes Shuffle Nuggets Ft. Michael J. Knight's Fave5

Michael J Knight was a disk jockey in Cortland at WSUC and later at WHEN in Syracuse, NY before landing at United Stations radio network in NYC. Michael is a life long musician and current television producer. Michael went to broadcasting school with host, David Earl Waterman and this episode was a particularly fun walk down memory lane. These are the #Fave5 songs he brought with him and some more details about each artist/song!

THREE DOG NIGHT “Joy To The World”

So many theories about that famous opening line including a biblical reference. However, the writer Hoyt Axton, said, it was a placeholder until he could write a proper verse. He had been sitting on the chorus for three months. “It was meaningless. It was a temporary lyric. Before I could rewrite it, they cut it and it was a hit.”


Written by Mick Jagger...but it was Keith Richards who fought to keep it an uptempo rocker. Much to Jaggers objection, Richards played the guitar solo in this song.

THE CARS “Dangerous Type”

Ben Orr, bass player and singer, was in The Cleveland Sixties band and The Grasshoppers. They opened for the Beach Boys and were the house band for the TV show UpBeat. The first show the band The Cars performed....was at an air force base in New Hampshire on New Year's Eve 1977.


Originally Jefferson Airplane, the group's first gig was at the Matrix Club in San Francisco...which later became a showcase for new SF bands. Jefferson Airplane played the first ever gig at the now famous Fillmore West Auditorium.

CROWDED HOUSE “Don't Dream It's Over”

This song was used in commercials for the New Zealand Tourism Commission...where the band is from. Maggi's favorite cover of this song is Miley Cyrus during her backyard sessions video series with Ariana Grande.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Episode 72 Mike McGreevey Song Facts

Mike McGreevey is a child actor with the Disney Company turned television writer and producer, most notably for "Fame" and "The Waltons." Mike has so many wonderful stories about growing up as a child in the industry and what it was like having a famous father in the business as well. These are the #Fave5 songs he picked in order including a few nuggets about each artist or song.

FRANK SINATRA-You Make Me Feel So Young
Frank used to swim underwater laps at local pools and jogged "before it was fashionable" so he could build his lung power all to take those imperceptible breaths as he crooned.

Born in Santa Rosa, CA, she started out as an actress and pin-up girl AND THEN started her singing career, releasing 40 albums! Her last recording ever was a cover of "My Funny Valentine" for Burt Reynold's movie (Sharky's Machine).

BEACH BOYS-God Only Knows
The famous french horn on this song was played by Alan Robinson, who appeared on other famous soundtracks like Sound Of Music, and The Ten Commandments. He was called because he could play without sheet music. Brian Wilson sang him the horn line he had in mind, and Robinson played it by ear.

Song writer Dean Pitchford said this song was soooo hard to write. Took about a month. "The idea of fame is sucha pumped up, almost self-congratulatory notion, like, I'm going to be famous. It was very tricky to navgate and write something that still had energy and gosh-golly about it, without feeling too self-satisfied."
The background vocals that trail out "remember" was created by Luther Vandross and sang it with two other backup singers Vivian Cherry and Vicki Sue Robinson (Turn The Beat Around).

ROD STEWART-When You WIsh Upon A Star
Rod is an excellent soccer player and a big supporter of the Glasgow, Scotland football team, Celtic. He would kick a ball into the audience at many of his concerts.

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