Monday, July 20, 2020

YTunes Shuffle Song Nuggets With Avi Greene

AVI GREENE is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is the co-founder of Feel Alive Foods, a company that helps people on restrictive diets due to Autoimmune disorders, diabetes or heart issues with food prep and create meals with FLAVOR!!!!! She is adventurous, mom of 3,  musically obsessed and regularly plays piano for her Instagram followers.

Elvis Presley “I Can’t Help Falling In Love”
Elvis was an avid collector of guns and badges. He’d collect a police badge from every city he’d perform in.
Elvis wrote very few of his own songs. Sometimes he’d get writing credit for performing them. The last song he wrote was “You’ll Be Gone”

K.D. Lang “Hallelujah”
K.D. was fascinated with Patsy Cline. Patsy was the reason she decided to pursue a career in music. K.D. formed a Patsy Cline tribute band called the Reclines in Edmonton, Canada. After recording their first single “Friday Dance Promenade,” she got a personal manager and performed regularly at a popular local venue for musicians. It was there she performed a seven our performance art piece where she reenacted the transplant of an artificial heart. This got her noticed and sent (with only 2 other Canadian artists) to perform at the World Science Fair in Japan.

O Sifuni Mungu
Written and composed by Marty McCall, this song was inspired by Paul Simon’s performance during the 1987 Grammy’s when he sang/played “Graceland” with the back up male vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo from South Africa. Graceland won Album of The Year that year.

Mona Haydar “Hijabi”
Mona was 14 years old when she started going to open mics in Flint, Michigan performing spoken word poetry. She has a masters degree in Christian Ethics from Union Theological Seminary. After a friend committed suicide she moved off the grid to a retreat center called the Lama Foundation in the Northwest Territory of New Mexico.

Stevie Wonder “Faith”

This was the first recording in 25 years that Stevie lent his voice to for a film. (Sing) Ariana Grande recalls being in studio with him feeling star struck. They were not only in the same room, they were in the same booth, arm in arm. And every time she’d get “comfortable” Stevie would go off on a vocal run and she’d be like “Oh shit, that’s Stevie Wonder”